12 South Commercial District

Located just three blocks from the 12 South Commercial District, 12 South Inn Suites is a short stroll to some of Music City’s most popular restaurants; boutiques and unique shopping.

In the past Nashville’s tourist visited town to see and hear music, mostly country music. Recently the visiting tourist are here not only to see and hear country music, but also rock; jazz; blues and even classical. That has changed the culinary scene here also. In the good ole days, Nashville primarily offered BBQ, or southern meat and three, or fried catfish.  Music City now has a wide variety of ethnic cuisine. We now have many ethnic restaurants, Mexican; Thai; Vietnamese; Middle Eastern; Sushi; Lebanease and Cuban, just to mention a few. If you think you have to eat at a corporate American eatery ( Carrabba’s; Shoney’s; TGI Fridays; McDonalds; Taco Bell) to be safe, that’s not the case. All of the ethnic restaurants are usually family owned and operated. So, dishes are prepared fresh at the restaurant, not in some offsite commissary, and then assembled at the restaurant .  The service is more personal, and far more friendly. There are a number of these ethnic restaurants in the 12 South Commercial District, Epice; Taqueria del sole just to mention a few, all with in walking distance of 12 South Inn Suites.  So, the next time you plan a visit to Music City, be a little adventuresome, and try some freshly prepared ethnic dishes. You will probably be pleasantly surprised!