Nashville’s Centennial Park from 12 South Inn Suites


Parthenon Nashville Tn

Nashville’s Centennial Park is located across the street from Vanderbilt football stadium, Dudley Field, on West End Ave. Centennial Park is not only home to the Parthenon, but it also host a number of festivals and musical event. Musicians Corner on Saturdays, starting September 6th 2014, thru October 25th 2014, from 1-3. In May its the Tennessee Arts and Craft Association fair. Held on the lawn in front of the Parthenon. In October it will be the Celebrate Nashville Cultural Festival. In addition to the festivals and musical events that are held in Centennial Park, there are a number of other things to do. There is a lake that has foot paddle boats, that you can rent. You can also feed the ducks and geese that live around the lake. One can have a picnic on any of the many picnic tables, and just watch people. So, if you want to find out how to get to Centennial Park and the Parthenon, from 12 South Inn Suites, just type Centennial Park Nashville, in the Your Location box below and it will map out directions to Centennial Park from 12 South Inn Suites… In addition, if you want direction to, or from, any other places of interest, or tourist attractions in an around Nashville, just type that destination into the Your Location box below, and it will map it for you and give you directions!!


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