Sevier Park Fest 2014

Saturday May 3, 2014 Sevier Park and along 12th South Ave 10:00 am-8:00 pm If you missed it this year you should not miss it next year.  This year’s Sevier Park Fest was extremely well attended, considering all the other activities going on in Nashville, the same week-end. Along with a number of food trucks […]

Signs of Spring in Music City USA

We are in the early stages of Spring in Music City. Bicentennial Mall Park, just below the State Capitol, in downtown Nashville, is in full bloom. The Bradford Pear trees are bloomed out in all their white glory.  With the Red Bud trees and the deep blue sky, for all of springs multicolor flora to […]

Nashville’s CMA Fest June 2014

Nashville’s CMA Fest has added to Nashville’s reputation for being “Music City” USA. The way that Nashville has earned that reputation has really become quite obvious recently. Over the past couple of years Music City has added a number of new music venues, along with refurbishing the old ones. The music scene here is year […]

12 South Inn’s Cure for Cabin Fever

Seiver Park in 12 South is a Sure Cure for Cabin Fever The 12 South Inn cure for Cabin Fever is as simple as getting out and having a nice walk in the bright sunshine and warming temperatures. Wikipedia’s definition of Cabin Fever, among other similar maladies, is simple boredom from being home alone. According […]

Josephine’s “Pricey”! “Very Pricey”

This past Friday Liz and I tried Josephine’s for lunch. It was quite the busy and noisy place, but fortunately we didn’t have to wait for a table. It’s a very bright and airy space with an ice cream parlor ceramic floor covered with this huge beautiful Oriental rug. Lots of mirrors, and overall an […]

A Taste of Gourmet’ Lebanease

“Bustan” (grilled vegetable) Sandwich w/ Hummos  Epice, a taste of gourmet Lebanese, located in the old Clean Plate Club space on 12th Avenue South, is another place to eat, with-in walking distance of 12 South Inn Suites.  Liz and I had lunch there on Saturday, and we both agreed, the food is of very high […]

Frothy Monkey for Breakfast With-In Walking Distance of 12 South Inn Suite

                    I know this is going to sound strange coming from a Bed & Breakfast, but the Frothy Monkey is a great spot to enjoy some of the 12 South’s neighborhood feel and have a great freshly prepared breakfast. With-in walking distance of the Inn! We […]

Josephine’s new Eatery in the 12 South District now Open

Just a heads-up about the much anticipated opening of Josephine s’,  the latest new restaurant in the 12 South District. Within walking distance of 12 South Inn Suites, this new eatery has a menu featuring small bites, seasonal vegetables, house-made pastas and dumplings, proteins from the land and sea, and much more. The price point […]

Thanksgiving Recognition

    Thanksgiving 2013 I thought I should let all our friends and past guest know how thankful we are for your support and loyalty. We are approaching the end of our second year in business, and we could not be happier with everything. We have had a number of returning guest that we sincerely […]

Two Year Anniversary

As of the first of December, 12 South Inn Suites will have been in business for two years now. In that time period we have learned that we are unique among the lodging options in Music City. Sure we have been marketing ourselves along with Bed and Breakfasts, but in reality, we are one hundred […]