Signs of Spring in Music City USA

Bicentennial Mall Spring 2014. 600.jpg 4

Bradford Pear Trees Bicentennial Mall Spring 2014

We are in the early stages of Spring in Music City. Bicentennial Mall Park, just below the State Capitol, in downtown Nashville, is in full bloom. The Bradford Pear trees are bloomed out in all their white glory.  With the Red Bud trees and the deep blue sky, for all of springs multicolor flora to bounce off of.  The temperatures are still fluctuating, but for the most part it feels like spring.  It’s a great time to visit Music City.  Not only are all our parks in full bloom, but our neighborhoods have their daffodils & tulips in bloom also. Speaking of tulips, Cheekwood is currently exhibiting their tulip collection of over 100,000 bulbs! There is still time to enjoy all that spring has to offer in Nashville. The last week-end of April, Nashville has its full Marathon and Half Marathon runs. Then in May we have a number of festivities.. Cinco de Mayo, Steeplechase , and any number of Kentucky Derby parties, all over Music City!

Red Bud Bicententiea Mall 2014  600

Red Bud Tree Bicentential Mall 2014


  1. John, great photos of our lovely Nashville Spring. Your blog is looking very beautiful. Great work all round.