Trip Advisors Certificate of Excellence Awarded to 12 South Inn Suites

Award 600

TripAdvisor awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” to 12 South Inn Suites for 2014. To say the least, it was a complete surprise when we received the e-mail notification. We are really not into “tooting our own horn”. In the past we have been invited by a few times to apply for their Diamond class designation, which entailed paying to have your B & B, or Inn inspected, to qualify for the designation. It just seemed to us, like you were buying something, and that was not the way we wanted to gain recognition… We have since day one in business, wanted to provide comfortable if not luxurious lodging in Nashville. Private; unassuming; convenient accommodations that the Music City visitor would feel relaxed, and safe in residence, while enjoying all that Nashville has to offer in the way of entertainment….  

We are still trying to figure out how this happened. We did not apply for this award. In fact we didn’t even know there was such a thing, and as it turns out, two other B & B’s in town received the same award.  We do want to thank our past guest that submitted reviews to TripAdvisor, on our behalf, that made it possible for us to receive this award….